Theory Courses

Music Theory I

This year-long course is an introduction to music theory including ear training, basic piano chord technique, and composition. Students sight-sing and learn to write out music as well as to write out dictated melodies and chord progressions. They study compositional techniques in popular as well as traditional music. This course can be taken as preparation for the AP Music Theory class.

  • .5 credits – year-long minor

Music Theory II

Music Theory II delves deeper into topics introduced at the end of Music Theory I. Focusing on applied harmonic structures, students will examine harmonic functions through both analysis and composition. Studying the works of such composers as J.S. Bach, Mozart, Ellington, Mingus and others as a point of departure, students will examine and realize through their own work techniques of voice leading, melodic and motivic development, and harmonic progressions. As a culminating work, students will be expected to present a musical score written for a jazz orchestra or small orchestral ensemble, and have that score realized by an ensemble in a performance situation.

  • .5 credits – year-long minor