Production Courses

Advanced Topics in Audio Recording

Advanced Topics builds on skills acquired in Studio Production in the Digital Age, providing a more in-depth study of audio recording, advanced concepts in mixing, effects processing, basic acoustics, and mastering. From pre-production to postproduction, from recording campus performances to processing them in the lab, students experience first-hand each stage of the recording process. Students encapsulate their progress with a final project consisting of an EP (Extended Play) with a minimum of four compositions or twenty minutes worth of music.

  • .5 credits – semester-long minor
  • prerequisite STUDIO PRODUCTION or by permission of the department

Studio Production in the Digital Age

In this offering, students explore a wide variety of digital audio workstation applications in order to create, promote, and perform their work. Students build skills in such state-of-the-art programs as Pro Tools and Ableton Live (the former being live audio recording and editing software, and the latter serving as both a recording and editing software program as well as functioning as a virtual instrument used by performers and DJs in a live setting). As students accumulate work, they explore ways to promote themselves and to “get their work out there” by examining the many forms of delivery in the digital age.

  • .5 credits – semester-long minor

Independent Study in Studio Production

Course description to be announced

  • 1 credit – year-long major – by permission of instructor